Getting the Tzumi MagicTV on your WiFi network



You can get the MagicTV on your WiFi network fairly easily once you have root access on the device. Once on your WiFi network you will have to use these TV scripts to tune and watch the stream. You can follow our tutorial Controlling and watching Tzumi MagicTV on your PC for more info.

Over on reddit stagri posted a way to edit the Wifi settings and connect to your router. You can either run each of these commands individually or make a script by copying the commands to a .sh file and putting #! /bin/sh at the beginning of the file.





uci set dhcp.wwan.interface='wwan'

uci set dhcp.wwan.ignore='1'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].encryption='psk2+ccmp'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].key='MAGICTV-SSID-PASSWORD'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid='MAGICTV-SSID'

uci add wireless wifi-iface

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].device=radio0

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].network='wwan'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].mode='sta'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].encryption='psk2'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].ssid='YOUR-ROUTER-SSID'

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[-1].key='YOUR-ROUTER-SSID-PASSWORD'

uci set network.wwan='interface'

uci set network.wwan.proto='dhcp'

uci add firewall rule

uci set firewall.@rule[-1].name='Allow WWAN SSH'

uci set firewall.@rule[-1].src='wwan'

uci set firewall.@rule[-1].dest_port='22'

uci set firewall.@rule[-1].proto='tcp'

uci set firewall.@rule[-1].target='ACCEPT'

uci commit /etc/init.d/network restart

If something goes wrong i.e if your STA cannot start, your AP won’t start either and you’ll lose wifi access to your device.  Just reboot (power down/power up) the device and all should be well.

If you would like to give the MagicTV internet and run opkg update to then install packages do the following.

echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf

sed -i 's/downloads./archive./g;s/12.09.1/12.09/g;'


/etc/init.d/network restart

To make this configuration persistence after power-downs/reboots, you can run:

for i in /etc/config/*; do [ -e "$i" ] && cp $i ${i}.my; done

sed -i '$i \for i in /etc/config/*.my; do [ -e "$i" ] && cp $i "${i%.*}"; done'/etc/rc.local

sed -i '$i \echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf' /etc/rc.local

sed -i '$i \/etc/init.d/network restart'/etc/rc.local

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